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Health experts have been talking or writing about the benefits of losing weight for years, and who doesn’t want to get in shape, anyway? But it’s easier said than done. If you’ve got a 9 to 5 job and are very busy, how do you go about it? The answer is home workout programs.

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If you are busy mum, dad, professional, etc. with very little time to spare, then, and this is the place where you’ll discover some of the best exercises to lose weight requiring less than 30 minute workout a day at home, but will help you lose weight quickly for the body you’ve always wanted. How to tone your body for the newer, slimmer you could be just 30 minutes away.  It does not require hours in the gym or the purchase of expensive and complex equipment. You are about to discover some of the best workout programs to lose weight to give you the body that will make heads turn when you show up.

Looking for the best way to lose belly fat for the well-toned dream body?

If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. You will find on this site, a wide range of info on home workout programs and some of the best exercise videos, that will put you on the quickest way to lose weight and burn any unwanted body fat to give you the healthier body you’ve been looking for.

The site is divided into several sections so you can find the information you need quickly.

  • Weight Loss WorkoutsWeight Loss Workouts: this part of the site focuses on the best workouts for losing weight and how you can shed off those pounds using resistance bands and other types of workouts.

There are a lot of workout programs to lose weight available online, but they are not created equally and some are better than the others. Some of these programs are designed for experts while some are for beginners only. This part of the site covers the essentials and reveals what you need to know.

  • Cardio Workouts: this section of the site deals with high intensity interval training such as 30 minute workouts, how to burn body fat and what the best home fitness programs you can try out.

There are many ways to lose fat, but a lot of the high intensity interval training for weight loss online take too much time and don’t take into account the fact that you’ve got a job. That’s what this section is for, help you find the right workout program that fits your busy lifestyle.


  • Exercise Videos: this part of the site takes a look at the various exercise videos for losing weight.

insanity image01This section explains the benefits of exercise videos and strength training for weight loss, how they can help you lose belly fat and tone up your entire body. There are a lot of these videos online, but if you really want optimum results, you’ll need to use those made by professionals, and we offer advice here.

  • Home Workout Equipment: here we discuss the different types of home workout equipment you will need, what’s available and how effective they really are. The good thing about most home workout programs is they don’t require a lot of equipment, and in many cases the stuff you need comes with the package when you order.

If you have never done any serious home workouts before, some understanding of home workout equipment is necessary.

Weight Training for Weight Loss — What are the Benefits?

There are a lot of benefits you’ll receive from weight training for weight loss. For starters, losing weight strengthens your immune system and makes you less vulnerable to diseases. Second, losing weight makes your body more flexible and makes you less susceptible to those little aches and pains you feel day in day out.

Third, weight training improves your physical appearance in several ways, from increasing your muscles to losing belly fat. This boosts your self-confidence and makes a huge difference and will keep you motivated to work out more.

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Weight training and weight loss will increase your energy and allow you to do more things than before. One of the biggest problems that busy people face is that you never have the strength to get through the day, and that’s what working out does, give you energy.

The benefits of losing weight are not limited to the physical and emotional, as it also provides mental benefits as well. Studies have shown that overweight people tire mentally much faster than those with normal weight, so that’s another reason to get rid of those excess pounds. Weight training also provides you with peace of mind because you’re no longer as vulnerable to heart attack, stroke and other diseases.

Weight Loss Workout at Home vs. Working Out in the Gym

When talking about resistance training for weight loss the subject of gym vs. home training will always come up, so it’s important we tackle this subject now. The short answer is that home based workouts beat working in the gym in all the important departments.

  • gym membershipAffordable: gym membership fees cost a lot, with monthly fees, initial fees and various other expenses, plus horror stories abound when you try to cancel a membership. In contrast, home workout videos are much cheaper.
  • Flexible: you can perform workouts at home when you have the time. Gyms are only open for certain hours of the day, but with home workout videos you can exercise at the time you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t matter if you only have time to work out at 11 PM or 5 in the morning, because you can do so easily.
  • Privacy: some people get very conscious when in the presence of others, particularly if they’re overweight. With home fitness programs, you can work out in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  • Convenient: didn’t catch the instructions given in the video? No problem, just rewind the player. Can’t perform the routine properly? Just pause the video, work on the posture and when you’re done, press play to continue. You can’t do that in gym class.
  • Control: for many though, the most important benefit of working out at home is you have complete control. From the schedule to the pacing, you have control over what’s happening.
  • Fast: the best home workout programs are short but intense, taking no more than 45 minutes to do yet provide the same healthy benefits you’d get from hitting the gym.

Our Recommendations

If you’re looking for home workout programs to lose weight or weight loss workouts to get in shape, then, we recommend Beachbody workout programs.

Beachbody has some of the best exercise videos you can lay your hands on. Such programs, including, the Insanity videos, Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Trainer, Body Beast, Turbo Fire and Focus T25, among many others that will be covered on this site. All of these programs have been designed for the busy men –and women- who are looking for home workout programs that will help give them the healthier, slimmer well-toned body of their dreams. No need to wait. Get started on your journey to a healthier, fitter you with just 10-30 minutes a day beachbody workouts supported with some of the best home workout equipment at prices that will not burn holes in your pockets.

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