4 Weight Loss Workouts For Women To Improve Lifestyle

Looking for bast ways to lose weight quickly and gain health?

weight loss workouts imgae03It may seem that getting fit as a woman is a thankless task. There are so many problem areas and so much that can happen to a woman’s body as she goes through life. With hormonal changes, pregnancy, and aging a woman’s body goes through so much that it may seem getting fitter and stronger is far out of reach.

The good news is that focusing on the right types of exercises can make all the difference in the world. Such weight loss workouts will put you on the quickest way to lose weight and also help to tone your body.

For women it’s important to focus on exercises that will give the most value with each movement. Not only that but approaching each workout as a way to lose weight quickly, get healthier and lead a better lifestyle can really improve the outcome. If you look at workouts only as a means by which to lose weight, then you won’t get to your end goal the way you want to. If instead your focus is on getting healthier and improving your lifestyle, you will find that you reach your goal and actually enjoy it along the way as well.

Adopt compound workouts that helps you get the most value out of your movements

Various compound workouts are very specific to women and can help get you great value out of each movement. These ask different body parts to get involved and therefore provide a much more comprehensive workout. Not only that but they can often incorporate strength training for weight loss and cardio for a truly robust exercise that helps along with the transformation. Think of a shoulder press with a squat as an example of getting the upper and lower body in on the act.

Women tend to have very common problem areas and issues that are shared. Getting fit can be harder after a certain age. Losing the weight after a baby arrives is something that plagues so many women. Getting the metabolism revved up for more efficient calorie burning is something that so many women want. Changing the types of movements that you perform and the way in which you workout will fix all of that—and offer you so much more in the process.

So if you’re a woman who wants to get fit or reach a true body transformation, you will find that these weight loss workouts can help your success. You certainly want to perform other movements and add in cardio bursts, but focusing on these four  movements will help you profoundly. Be in control of these movements, add strength and resistance, and keep building on your progress—you will be healthier and fitter in no time at all.

Dead lifts with a row:

This is the essence of a compound movement because it asks the upper and lower body to remain engaged throughout. Dead lifts are all glutes as they must move you up and down if you are performing them properly. You need to ensure you have good form here as you are only using the isolated part of the body to  move you up and down, and you are holding the contraction throughout.

Dead lifts are great performed when with both legs on the ground. As you progress, you can go to single leg deadlifts that force balance and stabilization. By adding in a row as you move up through the dead lift, you ask the upper body to get engaged. This adds to the value and helps to tone this part of the body for a true compound movement with excellent power.


This isn’t a compound movement, but it offers a great foundation. You can also add great variation to it by performing different types once you get the hang of it. You get deep into the core when you perform this movement, and you feel the stabilization that it asks for. Start by trying to hold a simple plank for about 30 seconds and then build up from there.

You will feel your body shaking and that’s a good thing as it means your body is working hard to stabilize. As you get used to these you can add side planks, one handed planks, and even add in toe taps during your planks. You will feel this in your abs and lower back and that means you’re working it.

Plie squats with bicep curls:

exercises for weight lossWow, will this go deep into the leg muscles! By performing this squat variation that simply has the toes turned out, you will notice the difference immediately. This works the inner and outer thighs in a way like nothing else. You will feel it and may struggle at first, but you’ll love how it helps to shape this common problem area.

By adding a bicep curl you not only incorporate resistance and strength, but get the upper body involved too. You can certainly add in standard squats to mix things up, but the plie squat should be a regular fixture in your regimen. This targets a common problem area and works a larger part of the leg than just standard squats. The bicep curls will really help to tone the arms and work better in combination than just performing them alone.

Tricep extension with a lunge:

lunges are another great exercise but performing them alone will only get you so far. Trying to move through a static lunge is challenging enough, but adding the upper arm movement is a great extra effort. When you get to the top of the lunge you’ll move the arm behind you to focus on the tricep, which just so happens to be a common problem area for so many women.

This is definitely a more advanced movement as it takes balance and concentration to move throughout, but it will really target two common problem areas. You may even want to start this one without weights initially until you perfect the form, and then add them for extra resistance. It’s a great compound movement with the value that you need.

So if you’re looking to get in shape or lose weight quickly, then, go for weight loss workouts that target common problem areas. Such workout programs for weight loss can help you burn more fat, tone your body, and also make healthier in the process. You can get that body transformation you want if you keep working at it