Exercise Videos Offer a Convenient and Enjoyable Way to Become Fit

Exercise videos have become a popular alternative for men and women who want to get in shape but don’t have the time to work out in a gym. If you fall into this category then workout videos will definitely suit you, and if you’re used to working out in the gym but now want to try home based fitness programs, take a look at this article so you will know the benefits you’ll get.

What are the Benefits of Home Workout Videos?

Benefits of Home Fitness Workout VideosThe best exercise videos for one thing, are complete: these aren’t the basic routines you see on TV, but rather consist of a specialized system with specific sets of routines that you’ll need to perform.

The stretches and exercises you’ll perform are unique and been specially formulated to meet your needs.

Second, the top workout videos offer plenty of variation so you don’t get bored doing the exercises. If you take a look at many of the popular workout programs today, they  offer different types of routines so you don’t fall into the trap of just going through the motions. Because there are a lot of options to choose from you can change things up if it gets monotonous.

Third, home workouts give you better control of the process and you don’t have to feel compelled to keep up with others as is usually the case when you’re working out in a gym. In addition, many of the videos that offer the fastest way to lose belly fat also provide a nice mix of Pilates, aerobics and in many cases even yoga so your entire body gets a workout.

Tips for Choosing an Exercise Video

First of all make sure that the video offers a complete program that you can do at home and without any special equipment. The whole point of these workout videos after all, is to give you the opportunity to work out without going to the gym or spending money on expensive equipment.

Second, the workouts need to be short, preferably no more than 45 minutes. There’s no reason for you to spend more time than that when you’re exercising, because if the program is any good you will get results. Of course you also need to look for a program those appeals to you so you’ll look forward to working out.

At the same time you should pay attention to the type of workouts that are offered in the program. Many of these are suitable for men and women, but some may be gender specific so check that out. Also, you need to read product reviews and see what people have to say about it. It’s very easy for a company to say this or that but it will sound better if customers who bought it actually agree.

Our Recommendations

Some of the finest workout videos available today are from Beachbody, a company that was founded in 1998 and has since established the standard for high quality exercise fitness programs. The company has released several bestselling health fitness programs, and the following are among the best.


This program was created by Shaun T, the man behind the popular Insanity videos. Focus however, is aimed at men and women who can’t spare an hour a day to work out, so Focus puts in an hour’s worth of exercise is just 25 minutes.

According to the latest research, long workouts are not necessary to get the best results, and 30 minutes is more than enough. And that is what you do with Focus, as it shows you how to lose weight fast with exercise. While each workout is only 25 minutes long, there’s no rest period and it works all the major muscle groups in your body.


Offering some of the best workout videos today, this is the third edition of the popular P90X program and comes with a variety of workouts including Total Synergistics for changing your composition, while Dynamix improves your range of motion so you get maximum results.

Other workouts in the program are Pliates X for building a powerful core and stabilizing your joints, while X3 Yoga increases your core strength, balance and musculoskeletal flexibility. The system also includes the Accelerator for maximizing muscular efficiency.  Apart from these, the program also has routines for full body workouts and burning of calories.

Insanity MAX:30

One of the finest exercises to lose weight, Max 30 was developed by Shaun T so that even busy people won’t have to neglect their bodies. This 60 day fitness regimen is  performed in two months, with each month consisting of different routines but both lasting for 30 minutes.

If you’re looking for the best way to lose belly fat, keep in mind that this program isn’t derived from the original Insanity, and this isn’t a shortened version of it either. In spite of the name, the Max 30 is an entirely new program with a different set of moves and training to do. Instead of maximum interval training, this program has you going as hard and fast as your body can take you.

Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Trainer

Tony Horton's 10-Minute TrainerIf you really don’t have time for working out but still want to know how to tone your body, then your best option may be this program by Tony Horton. As the name makes clear, this consists of workouts that will tone your body in just 10 minutes a day.

While the daily routines are short, it is packed with abdominal exercises, total body toning and burning fat with intense cardio workouts.

The program also comes with a diet plan that’s designed to go along with your workout program. Don’t mistake the short span with mediocre results, because you’ll be sweating and breathing hard throughout those ten minutes.

These exercise videos have different features, but they do share some common traits, such as being practical and quick. With today’s lifestyle, men just don’t have the time to put in hours at the gym, but that’s not an excuse to slack off. Through these home workout videos however, time won’t be a problem.