Your Guide to the Best Weight Loss Workouts Available Today

weight loss workout image02Search for weight loss workouts on the web and you’ll find a ton of programs for getting rid of those unwanted pounds and building a muscular physique. But not all of them work, and some of those that do require you to spend hours in the gym – something most guys don’t have time for. By working out at home however, you’ll be able to attain the same results without spending money for gym membership.

Where Do I Begin?

The best exercise to lose weight is one that works out your entire body. One of the mistakes that people make is concentrating solely on specific areas, but that’s not how it’s supposed to be done.

Suppose you want to lose belly fat: naturally among the best exercises to lose weight and fat are sit ups and crunches. That being said, you cannot ignore the other aspects of your body so you also need to do squats, leg exercises, chin ups and other routines that will tone your arms, legs and the other parts of your body. No matter what workout you choose, make sure to work on your entire body and not just one or two areas.

What are the Benefits of Resistance Workouts?

resistance training for weight loss image01For many years now, resistance bands workouts have been considered among the best for those who want to lose weight. What makes these workouts particularly effective is the way it uses resistance to build up your strength, increase the size of your skeletal muscles and boost aerobic endurance.

The more flexible and stronger you become, the easier you’ll find it to continue working out and losing weight. Resistance training is set according to the principle that your body muscles will overcome the force you’re applying when it is necessary to do so.

There are different types of exercise band workouts, and here are some:

  • Front squat: stand on the resistance band and set your feet a bit wider than shoulder width. Hold a handle in each hand and set the top band over your shoulders. Sit down straight with your abs firm and chest up, ensuring your knees are pressed out over your toes. Rise up slowly and repeat 12 times.
  • Leg extensions: Fasten a loop band on an incline bench and hook up the other end to your ankle so the band is behind you. Move away from the incline bench until there’s tension and your feet are apart hip wide. Move your weight to your left foot and raise your right leg off the floor.

Extend your knee until it has straightened out and go back to your starting position. Repeat 12 times and then switch legs.

  • Bent Over Row: Stand over the band, right in the center with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend a little at the knees and, hinging at the waist, make sure that your hips are kept back. Grab each handle in such a way that your hands are oriented towards the outside of your knees.

Bend your elbows and pull the band up until it’s up to your hips, making sure that your shoulder blades are squeezed together and your elbows are set at a 90 degree angle. Perform 10 to 12 reps.

What is the Fastest Way to Lose Weight?

The quickest way to lose weight is to exercise regularly and combine it with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Frist, you need to exercise 3 to 6 days a week and you must do so on a consistent basis. There’s no need to rush: if necessary start by making sure you do the routines right and work your way from there. Here you will see the benefits of home workout videos because they allow you to move at your own pace.

Second, you can only learn how to lose weight quickly by going on a healthy diet. Exercise is great for getting rid of extra body fat and weight, but the process will be a lot easier if you eat healthy. Here are some suggestions:

  • Eat more foods rich in fiber
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Reduce consumption of processed foods
  • Drink lots of water
  • Don’t smoke

One of the things you’ll notice with most of these programs is that they usually include a nutrition guide, which goes to show how important diet is for losing weight. When combined with exercises, you can expect substantial weight loss along with significant muscle gains.

Our Recommendations

There are three programs we recommend for losing weight:

21 Day Fix

This consists of six workout programs you can follow in 2 DVDs, and it will only take half an hour to perform them. Aside from burning calories, the program shows you how to eat food in the right portions via their unique 7 color coded containers.  As 21 Day Fix reviews will point out, the program also keeps your metabolism high even when you’re done working out.

21 day fix image01

Piyo Workout

Who says you have to strain and punish your body to get in shape? With this workout program you’ll achieve those results without risking injury to your limbs. What makes this program unique is it combines the flexibility and strength of yoga with the benefits of Pilates. Furthermore, this program was developed expressly for burning fat that will leave your body looking lean and fit.

Piyo Workout reviews point out however, that while it combines the benefits of yoga and Pilates, it’s nothing like the two, so there’s no need to hold onto postures for extended periods as it’s much quicker.


TurboFire is for the hardcore in you. It’s a high intensity 90 day cardio workout that will burn up to 9 times more calories and fat than regular workouts. If you like high intensity workouts, then this should fit you just right.

Bottom line: you cannot go wrong with any of these weight loss workouts, and if you persevere and put in the time, you’re going to shed off those extra pounds, and for good.